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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 12, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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yesterday's spectacular fire. what about all that water and millions of gallons helped knocking out the plane. we'll tell you how it is affecting the drought. also, tonight the new streak drug may have led to a major over dose. the image from space that may show the mising malaysia airliner. this is a full hour of your choice for primetime's news. now at 8:00 a racing inferno in san francisco and under construction apartment building going up in flames in the bay neighborhood. you can see the after math of the devastating blaze and crews working to safely tearing down part of the burn building. good evening, i am pam moore, we have
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live team coverage tonight covering all angles of this fire. we began jus teen, she's live at the scene tonight. >> reporter: no, nothing official right now and fire crews are looking into how the fire started and it may have to do with we woulding and what was happening and some equipment that may have left uninten firefighters are still pouring water on this building. several hot spots have continued to pop up and this fire is still moldering and this scene will stay active until tomorrow. >> here comes a huge piece which is going to come downright now. >> live on kron 4 news of a huge piece of the building came crashing down. demolition crews did not want
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pieces of the wood and metal to fall on people. . >> the area was over hanging and leaning out in the streets. they're pushing it in or pulling it down to make the area safe. >> during the day, the remains threatened to collapse. large pieces of heavy machinery kept rolling in and all needed to tear this place down and flames and smokes from the five alarm fire on tuesday swallowed the building. the fire is so intense there were fears that it would spread to the apartment complexes. at one point smokes started rising from the building and flames could be seen. demolition crews also helped firefighters. >> we are still surrounding it right now and as it flares
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up, we put water on it and move to another spot and putting out another hot spot and so forth. >> now it is scorch shell in its former self. >> it is a total loss. >> reporter: as we come back live, we can see firefighters on the scene spraying water onto what was the corner of the building and that's now since demolished and rising smoke and the smell of smoke is still thick and you can see it here on the scene. i just learned from talking the firefighters here that the demolition crews are now done for the evening. they have done what they could as far as going around the building and pushing in towards itself because they did not want to see parts of this building collapsing on the street. now, they have finished doing their work for tonight. those
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demolition crews will be back tomorrow trying to figure out what they'll do next to now remove all the debris that's here. firefighters are going to stay on the scene throughout evening and continuing to spray and watering onto it and making sure no other hot spots coming up. it does not look like firefighters are leaving this area until they are completely sure that the fire is out, but, that does not look like happening yet. live, kron 4 news. >> kron 4 news , jeff bush is live tonight. >> reporter: that's right pam. most of the residents were evacuated yesterday, were allowed to go back to the home except for the people that lives oeft of strata. they were told they were ex escorted up to their
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apartment by a police officer and allowing to get important documents and a couple changes of clothes and they'll be escorted out of the apartment. >> we came over and see what we can do and the policeman escorted us to get our belongs. >> there were an a lot smoke. the building next door to strata, we heard more damage. >> i was anxious to see what our apartment looked like and how much damage is done. we have no idea what happens next. i am just hoping to get a few belongings and ride it out the next couple of days. >> we could not get in this morning to stay but they would keep us updated and we just talked to the cops there and they said we can grab stuff if we want and you we should get a hotel for
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tonight and they're not sure. >> the residents of that is strata are not able to stay home until the all clear is given. i am jeff bush, reporting live in san francisco, kron 4 news. well in order to fight that blaze and keeping it from spreading the san francisco fire department had to spray water on the building 24 hours and continues to do so. kron 4 news clifford is live on the bay, he has more details. >> reporter: this afternoon, i spoke with them and they don't know how much water was used. they don't know whether or not it will impact of the reservoirs that feed into san francisco. but i, they do say about 2 million gallon of waste water went into the source system while this fire was being
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fought. a large percentage of that water came from the fire fighting effort. one thing is for sure that all of the water that the fire department used came from the fire hydrant systems. the first source is the regular water system that feeds into homes and businesses. the fire department can access it through the standard looking fire hydrants and the second system is the gravity water supply that exists for the sole purpose of fighting fires. >> it is a system that was built after the 1906 earthquake. >> for almost 24 straight hours the fire department pumps hundreds of thousands of water primarily using the water system. >> we tapped into that immediately, we need every bit
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of pressure and every ounce of water that we got out. it is a brilliantly engineer system and we use frequently but yesterday we needed this system big time. >> reporter: one is a system that's built onto the ground and they can take water from that. if need be they can run hilroses into san francisco bay run into san francisco bay to get water. >> our reporters not going anywhere and they'll be on scenes over night to give you live update and to stay update you can check on the live session on our website and click on the stories and you will find the most compelling stories and as soon as we learn about this fire, you will find it here on
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tonight oakland police are on a manhunt for a child molester. they released this sketch of a suspect. this man walked on the campus of the world academy charter school and molested a 7-year-old girl. investigators say a second assault occurred in january at the elementary school kron 4 is live tonight. >> reporter: there is quite a few pam. the meeting was closed off to all news organizations and only parents and guardians were allowed holiday in. most parns and leaders left seeming to be pleased of what they heard. >> first, parents have now been
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given add straiter's cell phone numbers. the after school programs will now all be held in doors and none outside. all students enrolled in after school programs have to check in as a group at the cafeteria immediately after the regular school day ends. the front school door and side gate will also be locked after school leaving just one way to get in and out and making it easy to monitor who's on campus. the outdoor's restrooms will be locked and off limits, except during recess. for the rest of the time students will have to use the in door bathrooms. the council attended the meeting and said that parents are being asked to do more, too. >> we are looking for parents to volunteer in the morning and after school. not only to help us on campus but also helping us in the neighborhoods. when kids are being dropped off there
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is some ps presence. and some of us parents walking around the neighborhood to make sure our kids are safe. >> one more change, once it is time to go home, student haves to wait in the cafeteria until their parents or guardian signs them out. live in oakland tonight, kron 4 news. apple released a major operating system update for iphones and ipads. coming up i will show you how this new software will improve your device. . from the chopping block and next, the cause of the massive and cause of the massive and deadly explosion rocking a safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, fresh driscoll's strawberries are just $1.99.
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people hurt and 3 dead. two apartment buildings were flattened and 9 people missing tonight and authorities believed that it is all due to a gas leak. >> we heard the impact and it sounded like a bomb and it shook. >> it was a loud explosion like something blew up. >> it was so powerful that you heard the boom and it rocked the whole apartment >> of those injured three are children and explosion sent the people running as it shatters windows a block away. . brand new images released by the chinese govrt today could shed some lights. the satellite images are of a close suspected area at sea.
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the images were captured of the day after the plane missing and showing three objects of varying sizes floating on the water of south of vietnam. nearly doubled the size of the search area. president obama met with ukraine interim prime minister today. ukraine's prime minister says he appreciated of the support of the united states and told president obama that ukraine will never surrender. new tonight at 8:00 a mountain view teenager is recovering after over dosing on drugs and passing out on a trail yesterday afternoon. kron 4 news reports this is a fairly new drugs similar in nature to lsd.
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>> laying unresponsive the teenager were passed out on the trail. emergency rush to the hospital and saying the boy was over dosed. he was on doc. a new drug, it is similar to lsd. >> the person will be hallucinating and we'll see a zombie like stage and they'll be standing there and staring off to nothing. >> the boy now is at stable condition. friends say he's a students moount mountain view high. >> i am really glad that administrations are on it. now, they could have kept it quiet or done whatever but they sent out a notice and the notice
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says this happened and have a conversation with your kids. >> according to police, this is the first reported doc over dosed in mountain view. there has been an increase of synthetic drugs over the last few years. >> we have seen increase of spice and bath or things like that. drugs are drugs, these are unknown substances and they're not tested and the doses are regulated and it is dangerous all around >> educational form will be held in the future alerting parents about the risk that their children maybe facing. reporting live, kron 4 news. new tonight at 8:00. apple released a major new upgrade system for web ios. i highly recommend you to run this update. >> the update is worth download
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to your iphone device just for the bugs and security fixes alone. the update brings and improve transition between applications and making it quicker and smoother moving between apps and the whole operation system feeling faster. when you get an incoming call, you are presented for a cleaner look for accepting the call. . you can hold down the home button and let it go before done talking. . this change makes your questions more precise. here is a big improvement for parents don't want their kids to wrap up in app purchases. the iphone or ipad will require a password entered every time when that purchase happens. if you don't change the settings
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is the default setting is after the password is entered there is a 15 minute window grace period where any purchases can take place. so kids could purchase 15 minutes worth of stuff. believe me, i have heard horror stories where toddlers ran up hundreds of dollars and even thousands of purchases off an iphone or ipad. it happens all the time. this next one i really like, you can choose to bold the keyboard on your device or bold the text that you type. on the right is the new bold text option turned on. i know it seems like a small change but it really helps the text pops out. the update takes about 10 minutes to do. you can find it under settings and software update. kron 4 news. we woke up to gusty conditions out there this morning. the wind have died down. we were in the
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upper 70s in a number of places and we set a new record temperature in oakland. it was 76 in sunnyvale and 77 in san jose today. 73 in mountain view. the only place we are in the 60s was -- temperatures remaining mild and running up upper 60s in a number of places. 68 in oakland and 69 in san jose. a little cooler in concord, 63 degrees there. again, we'll see calmer winds out there tonight. winds are dying down . temperatures are going to be a little chilly in spots and we are talking about some 30s through our inland valleys. 38 in livermore and 37 in napa and 41 in concord and into the afternoon, very similar to what we saw and a few degrees cooler and we have a lot of 70s but not a lot of upper 70s than we
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saw today. 73 in pleasant ton and upper 60s on the coastline. we have warmer weather ahead this weekend and we'll take a look at how warm it will get coming up in the hour. still ahead tonight a massive fire bringing down the apartment. a live report from the scene is coming up . tonight we have new allegations of this richmond teacher directly behind me. now, coach harbaugh is rolling out the welcome rolling out the welcome matt and what get a $200 best buy gift card with purchase of selected mattress sets. or, get 24-months interest-free financing. female announcer: what will you get during the big gift event at sleep train? ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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jim harbaugh is about to
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coach jonathan martin in the nfl. now harbaugh is speaking about abou interesting acquisition. harbaugh says because of my relationship recruiting jonathan and having to coach him in three years. i am very excited about it and i believe everybody deserves an extra sketch of opportunity and an opportunity to start a new ch. coach harbaugh calls martin a friend. ahead tonight at 8:00. why target is apologizing after posting this ad for junior swim wear.
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to save this rare tree. coming up in a few minutes i will sho what makes it very rare and why it is being removed. also, we'll show you what device that can help you cure your migraines. we are back with the fire that's now cleaning of what's left. right now running in the single digits and the calmer wind is going to going town to chiler conditions over night and warmer
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weather all coming up later in the hour.
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now at 8:30 an under construction apartment building goes up in flames in the san francisco mission bay neighborhood. tonight ewes crews are working to tearing down that building. kron 4 news is live at the scene. >> reporter: they're done for the evening doing what they can to knock this building down. it is nowhere near over. we show you a live picture of what's left of this building. you can see fire department and ho ses are being sprayed onto the building. so much that was still moldering underneath all the debris as construction crews moving all the debris around and that's how all
8:31 pm
the areas able to flare up. fire crews are staying on the scene continuing to pour water onto this building. i just spoke with the fire chief and he gave me new information how this fire started and the investigation determining that very big question. >> they experienced some of the safety hazard and i believe some witnesses today and looking at videos today and yesterday's fire and up on the ladder and looking at the area where the fire started yesterday. so it is still under investigation. >> reporter: so semicritical semi demolition crews are done with the building. there were a lot of worries today that parts of it being
8:32 pm
collapsed into people who were standing around. as we come back live again and to show you what this building looks like and how much work is left to do. fire crews are going to stay here and monitoring the fire and making sure no hot spots are continuing to start up. we'll start again first thing tomorrow morning. live in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> the biggest fire in recent san francisco's memory began with just a few smoke here from the top story of the building. the first call fire dispatch came in after a couple of minutes before 5:00. >> a building under construction. >> firefighters arrived within 5 minutes and realized they needed help. >> i don't want to go to that room. >> it is extremely hot >> the heat was so intense that windows began to break
8:33 pm
in the apartment buildings across the street. >> more units were sent to the fire and the building imploded. >> get in and get out. move! >> we are now declaring a 5th alarm. >> a spectacular fire and that 5th alarm brought 150 firefighters and 50 truck s to the scene and some of the firefighters are still there tonight. sources say a mother complains and allegations that the suspect took students to a hotel room instead of a camp area. kron 4 news, jr, joins us tonight. >> he found in an after school program in richmond
8:34 pm
connected to the boys' scout. sources say he took young teen boys to camping trick from san jose. parents thought gito taking students for an over night s vallejo but he took them into a motel 6. gito showing the students teachers' porn. he works at the academy of richmond until he was fired back in november. students told police that gito would baptized them like pass gas on them and pull his shower towel off in front of the students. he's now behind bars. sources say he was planning a field trip at
8:35 pm
yosemite with his new students. he will be back in court later this month. jr stone, kron 4 news . new tonight at 8:00 a fight to safe a rare tree has people wanting to know and searching for answers. kron 4 news showing us why the tree is being removed and what makes it so special. >> standing 52 foot tall this tree is stirring up a lot of controversies. you can see the mixture of colors and the leaves it is caused by a genetics mutation and it is very rare. how rare? >> well, experts say only one of ten in existence. >> it would be nice in if tree an can be fair. >> but, its days can be numbered. >> here is the problem according to the people at smart.
8:36 pm
the new commuter train would require new tracks and those tracks would run parallel to the old tracks here besides me. the new tracks would run where i am standing. the problem according to the people at smart, the tree would be too close to the new tracks and it would cause a safety problem and that's the reason it is marked for removal. >> the fra establishes the clearance and we have to comply with them and again, part of our environmental permitting and we are also going to be having them taking more than a thousand cutting and to propagate them. >> res residents here are hoping that a compromise can be saved. >> we are talking about the oldest species of this tree
8:37 pm
and you think we can figure out a way to transplant it or put the tracks on the other side. >> reporting live, krours. kron 4 news. angry customers taking out on target and possibly the migraine breakthrough that you have been waiting for coming at the end of our forecast tonight. .
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the winds have died down and temperatures are going to be dropping off over night tonight into the 30s and portions of the bay area. by the afternoon we'll look at a lot of lows 70s. here is a look out the door
8:40 pm
tomorrow morning. 38 until livermore and 37 in napa. down in the south bay, 45 in sunnyvale. into the afternoon a lot of 07s once 70s. 74 in san jose and for the east bay inland valleys will also be in the 70s. mid-70s in antioch. east bay shoreline in the lows 70s. 72 in fremont and at the coastline it will be a little cooler and upper 60s are still pleasant. 66 in half-moon bay and 68 in san francisco with lows 70s down the peninsula. we have a lot of 70s across the board in the afternoon. 74 in santa rosa and 73 in the valley. a look at your extended forecast. the next couple of days very
8:41 pm
similar, sunny skies and pretty nice afternoon temperatures and into the weekend we are going to warm even more reaching the 80s practically bay area wise before cooling down dramatically. it looks like we could see a storm maybe by the middle of next week. we'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime you can check out the website for discounts listed. however, if you happen to drive a few dead end
8:42 pm
streets, you may find pockets of dumped trash. >> a lot of people dumped the trash here and we dug through it and it is in brentwood and antioch >> this side of the road has a lot of problems and many community here has to deal with. sometimes there is trash hanging from trees. down the hill at this gate where concrete barricades stop illegal dumpers. the barricades did not work. and it is not just trash. this boat has a 72 hours notice to move but based on the condition it has been here too long already. all it takes is commitment and perseverance and some enforcement. well, this was trashed and the city got
8:43 pm
right on it after me highlighting it for a few weeks. now, this is how it looks after a few make over. on the left it is the old and the the right is the improved. in antioch, stanley roberts . kron 4 news. in sports gary has an updates of big warriors and clippers game and why the agency are not going to oakland at all, gary is up next.
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now, it is been a tough couple of days for the raiders and not doing much. the latest rogers awe offensive lineman. the raider. he failed the physical today and he will be going back to st. louis where he will be resigning with the rams. there it is. to get somebody to come to the raiders you have to over pay so maybe that's a little blessing in disguise. when you have been down as long as they have, somebody got to want to come play for you if you have other options. oakland is not going to
8:46 pm
be your destination. the one big guy shined yesterday failed the physical. meanwhile, new defense, antoine, how did he sound on the phone? >> [ indiscernible audio ] >> i am extremely excited. >> thank you, durrell reed, that's a big news of the day. he was cut by tampa bay in the morning and signed in the evening of one year $12 million to play defensive back for the patriots. demarcus ware demarcus demarcus ware giving him $20 million. speaking of tj
8:47 pm
ward. this guy never started a game. he went on and play well enough in college to get a four year $23 million, $14 million guaranteed with the denver broncos. look at this guy, tj ward, signs with denver.. warriors, hey, real good game under way there. 56-54 on the clippers. meanwhile while the clippers -- bryant says that's it, lakers 22 and 42 are on their worse season ever and no matter how quick bryant healing on the next
8:48 pm
three weeks. kobe says he will be back next year and don't worry about it. he says better than ever. >> i won't say i will be back at the top of my game because everybody going to think that i am crazy and it is an old player and everything. that's what it is going to be. [ laughter ] >> i mean. >> you go from kobe bryant addressing the media to me and addressing our fans out there. the kron 4 audience, i have needs and question number 1. >> gary, do you think the warriors an make it to the nba finals? >> no, i don't, there is too many good teams in the west and you got oklahoma city and san antonio laying in for you. i think they can win the playoff round of the they they shoot.
8:49 pm
championship, no, number 2. >> hey, gary, you always gushing over cam in cam in this case kaepernick, do you think he deserves $18 million? >> that's what the market pays that guy. is anybody really worth it? hell no. notice that i am emphasizing that. >> i think for a quarterback they might be worth $14 million. >> i didn't know you are still here. nobody is worth it but that's what the market bears. >> gary, why don't you like spring training? >> but, young man i hate practicing. but, for and you cameyou and you came straight to my face. giants they beat chicago,
8:50 pm
4-3 there and 9-5 in the cactus league. how about the a's, really looking good this spring. one hit striking out. salvador perez, oh, what a play. about two more weeks and all this practice will be over. pam, that's sports that i see at this hour with a little involvement. i reach out everybody in this business reaching out and touch. more news ahead, people ticked off at tart over a photo shoot. and are you suffering from
8:51 pm
migraines, comi ahead. .
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8:53 pm
the fda have just approved a head band designed to treat migraines and you wear it
8:54 pm
over your for heard. it helps we deuce reduce the migraine attacks. experts say that you should only wear it 20 minutes a day. a 6-year-old girl is sleeping better after a doctor prescribed her something called monster -- the instruction on the label reads spray around the room at night before bed and repeat in necessary. as to what's in the spray, they are keeping that formula a secret. target is apologizing tonight and it has nothing to do with the massive security breach. so many people are upset with this latest issue with target. >> good
8:55 pm
grief, another mistake and this one, you can blame target even more. a photoshoping mistake that involves a female in a bikini the ad on the store showing a teen model wearing a swim suit. this is missing from various parts of the model. target took the photo down and in a statement quote, it is an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. critics are calling it a photoshop and making young models looking even skinnier and our facebook page people are weighing it as well.
8:56 pm
it serves them right. it is just wrong and this is why we have so many anorexia women and it is hard to argue anything that terry says. the hope is and my hope is that this will be a wake up call that parents will actually -- jacqueline, lastly. >> it is not going to change. >> nothing is going to change with this. >> i know it is not going to change in the industry but they're going to keep on photoshoping. hopefully something like that having parents at home sitting down and look at this every magazine and they're all photoshoped and if they're photoshoping teens -- >> it just boggles the mind to think they need to photoshop a teenager to making them slooking smaller. looking smaller. >> that's
8:57 pm
disgusting. >> that's it for us tonight, stay with us on and we'll be right back on the news tonight at 11:00.
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in new york city's war on crim the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. you can't treat me this way. i have done everything you've asked. i told you things i shouldn't have. i trusted you, daris. anna, please... hey, doc. everything okay? it is now. going u dbs. that got his attention. thank you, mr. ribisi. you did very well. they won't stop until they get what they want. i've scheduled another round of tests for friday. friday? i'll have to let you know. doctor, i can't tell you how much i appreciate your help. thanks.


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